kanji for gold

meaning of kanji gold (Au) golden prosperous excellent superb money (esp. ōban coin) cash hiragana おうごん drawing of kanji 黄金 reading of kanji ougo n meaning of kanji pure gold solid gold fine gold hiragana じゅんきん drawing of kanji 純金 reading of kanji zyun kin meaning of kanji gold nugget gold bullion gold bar goldContinue reading “kanji for gold”

kanji for big

meaning of kanji big large great hiragana おおきな drawing of kanji 大きな reading of kanji ookina meaning of kanji big large drastic substantial full-width cloth (approx. 72 cm wide for traditional Japanese clothing; approx. 140 cm wide for Western clothing) hiragana おおはば drawing of kanji 大幅 reading of kanji o o haba meaning of kanjiContinue reading “kanji for big”

kanji for air

meaning of kanji air atmosphere mood situation someone with no presence someone who doesn’t stand out at all hiragana くうき drawing of kanji 空気 reading of kanji kuu ki meaning of kanji sky air mid-air hiragana くうちゅう drawing of kanji 空中 reading of kanji kuu tyuu meaning of kanji space air midair (from) memory (by)Continue reading “kanji for air”

kanji for beautiful

meaning of kanji beautiful pretty lovely sweet pure (heart, friendship, etc.) hiragana うつくしい drawing of kanji 美しい reading of kanji utukusii meaning of kanji splendid magnificent excellent fine superb beautiful admirable utter (esp. defeat) total complete something worth seeing sight spectacle hiragana みごと drawing of kanji 見事 reading of kanji migoto meaning of kanji vividContinue reading “kanji for beautiful”

kanji for dark

meaning of kanji black dark blackish sun-tanned (skin) suspicious criminal illicit darkened and dirty sooty covered in dirt evil wicked black-hearted inauspicious ill-boding unlucky hiragana やみ drawing of kanji 闇 reading of kanji yami meaning of kanji dark blackish hiragana くろっぽい drawing of kanji 黒っぽい reading of kanji kuro ppoi meaning of kanji deep (colour)Continue reading “kanji for dark”

kanji for wisdom

meaning of kanji wisdom wit sagacity sense intelligence prajna (insight leading to enlightenment) hiragana ちえ drawing of kanji 知恵 reading of kanji tie meaning of kanji wisdom intelligence intellect hiragana えいち drawing of kanji 英知 reading of kanji e iti meaning of kanji wisdom hiragana さいき drawing of kanji 才気 reading of kanji saiki meaningContinue reading “kanji for wisdom”

kanji for time

meaning of kanji time hour period class lesson hiragana じかん drawing of kanji 時間 reading of kanji zikan meaning of kanji time season period phase stage hiragana じき drawing of kanji 時期 reading of kanji ziki meaning of kanji surplus margin leeway room space time allowance flexibility scope composure placidity complacency calm hiragana よゆう drawingContinue reading “kanji for time”

kanji for luck

meaning of kanji fortune luck hiragana うん drawing of kanji 運 reading of kanji un meaning of kanji happiness good fortune luck blessing hiragana しあわせ drawing of kanji 幸せ reading of kanji siawase meaning of kanji furnished with including attached to impression appearance luck sociality under assistant (e.g. to a manager) soup base hiragana つきContinue reading “kanji for luck”

kanji for light

meaning of kanji light illumination ray beam gleam glow happiness hope influence power vision eyesight hiragana ひかり drawing of kanji 光 reading of kanji hikari meaning of kanji simple easy uncomplicated brief quick light hiragana かんたん drawing of kanji 簡単 reading of kanji kantan meaning of kanji light lamp torch hiragana ひ drawing of kanjiContinue reading “kanji for light”

kanji for pain

meaning of kanji pain ache soreness grief distress damage injury wear bruise break hiragana いたみ drawing of kanji 痛み reading of kanji itami meaning of kanji pain anguish distress suffering hardship hiragana くるしみ drawing of kanji 苦しみ reading of kanji kuru simi meaning of kanji pain agony bitterness hiragana くつう drawing of kanji 苦痛 readingContinue reading “kanji for pain”

kanji for flower

meaning of kanji flower blossom bloom petal cherry blossom beauty blooming (esp. of cherry blossoms) ikebana hanafuda (the) best glorious lovely hiragana はな drawing of kanji 花 reading of kanji hana meaning of kanji flower garden hiragana はなぞの drawing of kanji 花園 reading of kanji hanazono meaning of kanji cherry blossom viewing flower viewing hiraganaContinue reading “kanji for flower”

kanji for dog

meaning of kanji dog (Canis (lupus) familiaris) snoop (i.e. a detective, a spy, etc.) loser asshole counterfeit inferior useless wasteful hiragana いぬ drawing of kanji 犬 reading of kanji inu meaning of kanji pet dog hiragana かいいぬ drawing of kanji 飼い犬 reading of kanji kai inu meaning of kanji pet dog beloved dog hiragana あいけんContinue reading “kanji for dog”

kanji for honor

meaning of kanji honor honour credit prestige hiragana めいよ drawing of kanji 名誉 reading of kanji mei yo meaning of kanji respect honour honor hiragana けいい drawing of kanji 敬意 reading of kanji ke ii meaning of kanji duty sense of duty honor honour decency courtesy debt of gratitude social obligation in-law relation by marriageContinue reading “kanji for honor”

kanji for wind

meaning of kanji strong wind high wind moderate gale hiragana きょうふう drawing of kanji 強風 reading of kanji kyou huu meaning of kanji tailwind fair wind favorable wind (favourable) favorable condition (favourable) advantageous situation hiragana おいかぜ drawing of kanji 追い風 reading of kanji oi kaze meaning of kanji wind speed hiragana ふうそく drawing of kanjiContinue reading “kanji for wind”

kanji for rice

meaning of kanji (white) rice hiragana はくまい drawing of kanji 白米 reading of kanji ha kumai meaning of kanji cooked rice meal food one’s livelihood hiragana めし drawing of kanji 飯 reading of kanji mesi meaning of kanji food (esp. staple food such as rice or wheat) provisions rations food supply hiragana しょくりょう drawing ofContinue reading “kanji for rice”