kanji for day

meaning of kanji day days sun sunshine sunlight case (esp. unfortunate) event hiragana ひ drawing of kanji 日 reading of kanji hi meaning of kanji the same day hiragana どうじつ drawing of kanji 同日 reading of kanji dou zi tu meaning of kanji every day hiragana まいにち drawing of kanji 毎日 reading of kanji mainiti […]

kanji for woman

meaning of kanji woman female feminine gender hiragana じょせい drawing of kanji 女性 reading of kanji zi xyo sei meaning of kanji woman girl hiragana じょし drawing of kanji 女子 reading of kanji zi xyo si meaning of kanji child young (animal) young woman young geisha offshoot interest new shares player who is not a […]

kanji for wind

meaning of kanji strong wind high wind moderate gale hiragana きょうふう drawing of kanji 強風 reading of kanji kyou huu meaning of kanji tailwind fair wind favorable wind (favourable) favorable condition (favourable) advantageous situation hiragana おいかぜ drawing of kanji 追い風 reading of kanji oi kaze meaning of kanji wind speed hiragana ふうそく drawing of kanji […]

kanji for rice

meaning of kanji (white) rice hiragana はくまい drawing of kanji 白米 reading of kanji ha kumai meaning of kanji cooked rice meal food one’s livelihood hiragana めし drawing of kanji 飯 reading of kanji mesi meaning of kanji food (esp. staple food such as rice or wheat) provisions rations food supply hiragana しょくりょう drawing of […]

kanji for recipe

meaning of kanji manufacturing method recipe formula hiragana せいほう drawing of kanji 製法 reading of kanji sei hou meaning of kanji prescription formulation formula recipe hiragana しょほう drawing of kanji 処方 reading of kanji syo hou meaning of kanji secret (method, trick, etc.) key (e.g. to success) mysteries (of an art, trade, etc.) recipe trick […]

kanji for king

meaning of kanji king ruler sovereign monarch tycoon magnate champion master king (of the senior player) hiragana おう drawing of kanji 王 reading of kanji ou meaning of kanji king queen monarch sovereign the Crown (as a focus of authority in the UK, etc.) the throne hiragana こくおう drawing of kanji 国王 reading of kanji […]

kanji for man

meaning of kanji man male fellow guy chap bloke male lover boyfriend man manliness manly honor manly honour manly reputation hiragana おとこ drawing of kanji 男 reading of kanji otoko meaning of kanji human being person man mankind humankind character (of a person) hiragana にんげん drawing of kanji 人間 reading of kanji ningen meaning of […]

kanji for faith

meaning of kanji (religious) faith belief creed hiragana しんこう drawing of kanji 信仰 reading of kanji sin kou meaning of kanji honesty sincerity fidelity trust reliance confidence (religious) faith devotion counter for received messages hiragana しん drawing of kanji 信 reading of kanji sin meaning of kanji religion religious affiliation belief faith creed religious activity […]

kanji for go

meaning of kanji to go to move (in a direction or towards a specific location) to head (towards) to be transported (towards) to reach hiragana いく drawing of kanji 行く reading of kanji hakobu

kanji for heart

meaning of kanji heart guts nerve cheek gall spine central part hiragana しんぞう drawing of kanji 心臓 reading of kanji sin zou meaning of kanji chest breast breasts bosom bust heart lungs stomach heart mind feelings hiragana むね drawing of kanji 胸 reading of kanji mune meaning of kanji thought imagination mind heart desire wish […]

kanji for identify

meaning of kanji specific particular designated special specifying designating identifying pinpointing hiragana とくてい drawing of kanji 特定 reading of kanji toku tei meaning of kanji establishing proving ascertaining identifying confirming hiragana はんめい drawing of kanji 判明 reading of kanji han mei meaning of kanji to determine (esp. a culprit or underlying cause) to pin down […]

kanji for cat

meaning of kanji cat (esp. the domestic cat, Felis catus) shamisen geisha wheelbarrow clay bed-warmer bottom submissive partner of a homosexual relationship hiragana ねこ drawing of kanji 猫 reading of kanji neko meaning of kanji kitten small cat hiragana こねこ drawing of kanji 子猫 reading of kanji ko ne ko meaning of kanji stray cat […]

kanji for sun

meaning of kanji sun hiragana たいよう drawing of kanji 太陽 reading of kanji taiyou meaning of kanji day days sun sunshine sunlight case (esp. unfortunate) event hiragana ひ drawing of kanji 日 reading of kanji hi meaning of kanji morning sun hiragana あさひ drawing of kanji 朝日 reading of kanji asahi meaning of kanji Sunday […]

kanji for moon

meaning of kanji moon hiragana げつめん drawing of kanji 月 reading of kanji ge tume n meaning of kanji full moon 15th day of the lunar calendar full moon of the eighth lunar month hiragana もちづき drawing of kanji 望月 reading of kanji moti zuki meaning of kanji moon’s surface hiragana げつめん drawing of kanji […]

kanji for hope

meaning of kanji hope wish aspiration hiragana きぼう drawing of kanji 希望 reading of kanji kibou meaning of kanji expectation anticipation hope hiragana きたい drawing of kanji 期待 reading of kanji ki tai meaning of kanji hope promise possibility chance probability likelihood expectation anticipation forecast estimate side of a structural member hiragana みこみ drawing of […]

kanji for friendship

meaning of kanji friendship fellowship camaraderie hiragana ゆうじょう drawing of kanji 友情 reading of kanji yuuzi xyo u meaning of kanji friendship hiragana ゆうこう drawing of kanji 友好 reading of kanji yuu kou meaning of kanji friendship goodwill friendly relations amity hiragana しんぜん drawing of kanji 親善 reading of kanji sin zen meaning of kanji […]

kanji for friend

meaning of kanji friend companion hiragana ともだち drawing of kanji 友達 reading of kanji tomodati definition Noun friend よく知っていて好意を感じ信頼できる人 (a person you know well and regard with affection and trust) he was my best friend at the university 彼は大学で一番の友人だった mate 同じ性の友人のためのくだけた用語 (informal term for a friend of the same sex) admirer, supporter, champion, booster, friend, […]

kanji for earth

meaning of kanji Earth the globe hiragana ちきゅう drawing of kanji 地球 reading of kanji tiki xyu u definition Noun globe, earth, world 太陽から3番目の惑星 (the 3rd planet from the sun) the Earth moves around the sun 地球は太陽の周りを回っている he sailed around the world 彼は世界中を航海した earth かつて、宇宙を構成する4つの要素の1つであると考えられていた(エムペドクレス) (once thought to be one of four elements composing the […]