kanji for book

meaning of kanji book publication hiragana ほん drawing of kanji 本 reading of kanji syo seki meaning of kanji (written) work book writings hiragana ちょしょ drawing of kanji 著書 reading of kanji ti xyo syo meaning of kanji work book (a book) by obvious striking hiragana ちょ drawing of kanji 著 reading of kanji ti […]

kanji for death

meaning of kanji death decease death penalty (by strangulation or decapitation) (an) out hiragana し drawing of kanji 死 reading of kanji si stroke order definition Noun release, exit, passing, expiration, loss, going, departure 死の婉曲表現 (euphemistic expressions for death) thousands mourned his passing 何千人もが彼の死を悼んだ decease, death, expiry 死ぬことやこの世から旅立つこと (the event of dying or departure from […]

kanji for child

meaning of kanji child young (animal) young woman young geisha offshoot interest new shares player who is not a dealer (in cards, mahjong, etc.) bird egg -er (often of young women) hiragana こ drawing of kanji 子 reading of kanji ko meaning of kanji child hiragana こども drawing of kanji 子供 reading of kanji kodomo […]

kanji for school

meaning of kanji school hiragana がっこう drawing of kanji 学校 reading of kanji gakkou meaning of kanji senior high school high school hiragana こうこう drawing of kanji 高校 reading of kanji koukou meaning of kanji taking an examination (esp. school and university entrance) hiragana じゅけん drawing of kanji 受験 reading of kanji zi xyu ken […]

kanji for red

meaning of kanji red crimson scarlet vermilion vermillion Red communist beautiful hiragana あかい drawing of kanji 赤い reading of kanji a kai meaning of kanji red red color (colour) red-colored red communism the left hiragana あかいろ drawing of kanji 赤色 reading of kanji aka iro meaning of kanji scarlet red blood hiragana あけ drawing of […]

kanji for soul

meaning of kanji soul spirit hiragana たましい drawing of kanji 魂 reading of kanji tamasii meaning of kanji soul spirit departed soul ghost hiragana れい drawing of kanji 霊 reading of kanji rei meaning of kanji spirit soul drive vigor vigour hiragana きはく drawing of kanji 気迫 reading of kanji ki haku meaning of kanji […]

kanji for hate

meaning of kanji disgust hate repugnance loathing hiragana けんお drawing of kanji 嫌悪 reading of kanji ken o meaning of kanji to hate to dislike to loathe hiragana きらう drawing of kanji 嫌う reading of kanji kirau meaning of kanji love and hate hiragana あいぞう drawing of kanji 愛憎 reading of kanji ai zou meaning […]

kanji for drink

meaning of kanji to drink to gulp to swallow to take (medicine) to smoke (tobacco) to engulf to overwhelm to keep down to suppress to accept (e.g. demand, condition) to make light of to conceal hiragana のむ drawing of kanji 飲む reading of kanji nomu meaning of kanji drink at home with the evening meal […]

kanji for garden

meaning of kanji garden yard courtyard field (of action) area hiragana にわ drawing of kanji 庭 reading of kanji niwa meaning of kanji garden park hiragana ていえん drawing of kanji 庭園 reading of kanji te ie n meaning of kanji garden (esp. man-made) orchard park plantation place location hiragana その drawing of kanji 園 reading […]

kanji for I

meaning of kanji I me private affairs personal matter secrecy selfishness hiragana わたし drawing of kanji 私 reading of kanji watasi meaning of kanji myself yourself oneself himself herself I me &ksb; you hiragana じぶん drawing of kanji 自分 reading of kanji zi bun meaning of kanji I me you manservant hiragana ぼく drawing of […]

kanji for love

meaning of kanji love affection care attachment craving desire hiragana あい drawing of kanji 愛 reading of kanji ai stroke order definition Noun affectionateness, warmth, fondness, lovingness 好意または愛情の感情から起こる性質 (a quality proceeding from feelings of affection or love) erotic love, love, sexual love 性欲と性的魅力に対する深い感情 (a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction) their love left them […]

kanji for house

meaning of kanji house building hiragana かおく drawing of kanji 家屋 reading of kanji ka oku meaning of kanji house dwelling human habitation hiragana じんか drawing of kanji 人家 reading of kanji zi n ka meaning of kanji house home one’s husband hiragana たく drawing of kanji 宅 reading of kanji taku meaning of kanji […]

kanji for beginning

meaning of kanji beginning outset first onset hiragana さいしょ drawing of kanji 最初 reading of kanji sai syo meaning of kanji beginning start outset at first at the beginning initially originally hiragana とうしょ drawing of kanji 当初 reading of kanji tou syo meaning of kanji start commencement beginning initiation hiragana かいし drawing of kanji 開始 […]

kanji for black

meaning of kanji black black go stone guilt guilty person hiragana くろ drawing of kanji 黒 reading of kanji kuro meaning of kanji darkness the dark bewilderment despair hopelessness hidden place secrecy oblivion black market shady trading underhand transactions illegal channels hiragana やみ drawing of kanji 闇 reading of kanji yami meaning of kanji black […]

kanji for what

meaning of kanji what how many large number of many you-know-what that whatsit what’s the expression what do you call them what? hey! hiragana なに drawing of kanji 何 reading of kanji nani meaning of kanji what how whatever hiragana なんと drawing of kanji 何と reading of kanji nanto meaning of kanji whatever what what […]

kanji for spiritual

meaning of kanji mental spiritual emotional hiragana せいしんてき drawing of kanji 精神的 reading of kanji sei sin teki meaning of kanji comprehension understanding enlightenment spiritual awakening satori hiragana さとり drawing of kanji 悟り reading of kanji satori meaning of kanji the spiritual world hiragana れいかい drawing of kanji 霊界 reading of kanji rei kai meaning […]

kanji for rain

meaning of kanji rain hiragana あめ drawing of kanji 雨 reading of kanji ame meaning of kanji heavy rain hiragana おおあめ drawing of kanji 大雨 reading of kanji o o ame meaning of kanji rainy season (in Japan usu. from early June to mid-July) rain during the rainy season hiragana つゆ drawing of kanji 梅雨 […]

kanji for mother

meaning of kanji mother hiragana はは drawing of kanji 母 reading of kanji haha meaning of kanji mother hiragana ははおや drawing of kanji 母親 reading of kanji haha oya meaning of kanji mother mom mum ma wife hiragana おかあさん drawing of kanji お母さん reading of kanji okaasan meaning of kanji parent parents mother and father […]

kanji for person

meaning of kanji human being person man mankind humankind character (of a person) hiragana にんげん drawing of kanji 人間 reading of kanji ningen meaning of kanji person character figure personage man woman one’s character one’s personality able person talented person hiragana じんぶつ drawing of kanji 人物 reading of kanji zi n butu meaning of kanji […]

kanji for ice

meaning of kanji ice shaved ice (usually served with flavored simple syrup) hiragana こおり drawing of kanji 氷 reading of kanji koori meaning of kanji ice water shaved ice (usually served with flavored simple syrup) hiragana こおりみず drawing of kanji 氷水 reading of kanji koori mi zu meaning of kanji drift ice ice floe hiragana […]