kanji for what

meaning of kanji what how many large number of many you-know-what that whatsit what’s the expression what do you call them what? hey! hiragana なに drawing of kanji 何 reading of kanji nani meaning of kanji what how whatever hiragana なんと drawing of kanji 何と reading of kanji nanto meaning of kanji whatever what what […]

kanji for spiritual

meaning of kanji mental spiritual emotional hiragana せいしんてき drawing of kanji 精神的 reading of kanji sei sin teki meaning of kanji comprehension understanding enlightenment spiritual awakening satori hiragana さとり drawing of kanji 悟り reading of kanji satori meaning of kanji the spiritual world hiragana れいかい drawing of kanji 霊界 reading of kanji rei kai meaning […]

kanji for rain

meaning of kanji rain hiragana あめ drawing of kanji 雨 reading of kanji ame meaning of kanji heavy rain hiragana おおあめ drawing of kanji 大雨 reading of kanji o o ame meaning of kanji rainy season (in Japan usu. from early June to mid-July) rain during the rainy season hiragana つゆ drawing of kanji 梅雨 […]