kanji for hate

meaning of kanji disgust hate repugnance loathing hiragana けんお drawing of kanji 嫌悪 reading of kanji ken o meaning of kanji to hate to dislike to loathe hiragana きらう drawing of kanji 嫌う reading of kanji kirau meaning of kanji love and hate hiragana あいぞう drawing of kanji 愛憎 reading of kanji ai zou meaning […]

kanji for drink

meaning of kanji to drink to gulp to swallow to take (medicine) to smoke (tobacco) to engulf to overwhelm to keep down to suppress to accept (e.g. demand, condition) to make light of to conceal hiragana のむ drawing of kanji 飲む reading of kanji nomu meaning of kanji drink at home with the evening meal […]

kanji for garden

meaning of kanji garden yard courtyard field (of action) area hiragana にわ drawing of kanji 庭 reading of kanji niwa meaning of kanji garden park hiragana ていえん drawing of kanji 庭園 reading of kanji te ie n meaning of kanji garden (esp. man-made) orchard park plantation place location hiragana その drawing of kanji 園 reading […]

kanji for I

meaning of kanji I me private affairs personal matter secrecy selfishness hiragana わたし drawing of kanji 私 reading of kanji watasi meaning of kanji myself yourself oneself himself herself I me &ksb; you hiragana じぶん drawing of kanji 自分 reading of kanji zi bun meaning of kanji I me you manservant hiragana ぼく drawing of […]