kanji for child

meaning of kanji child young (animal) young woman young geisha offshoot interest new shares player who is not a dealer (in cards, mahjong, etc.) bird egg -er (often of young women) hiragana こ drawing of kanji 子 reading of kanji ko meaning of kanji child hiragana こども drawing of kanji 子供 reading of kanji kodomo […]

kanji for school

meaning of kanji school hiragana がっこう drawing of kanji 学校 reading of kanji gakkou meaning of kanji senior high school high school hiragana こうこう drawing of kanji 高校 reading of kanji koukou meaning of kanji taking an examination (esp. school and university entrance) hiragana じゅけん drawing of kanji 受験 reading of kanji zi xyu ken […]

kanji for red

meaning of kanji red crimson scarlet vermilion vermillion Red communist beautiful hiragana あかい drawing of kanji 赤い reading of kanji a kai meaning of kanji red red color (colour) red-colored red communism the left hiragana あかいろ drawing of kanji 赤色 reading of kanji aka iro meaning of kanji scarlet red blood hiragana あけ drawing of […]