kanji for respect

meaning of kanji respect esteem regard hiragana そんちょう drawing of kanji 尊重 reading of kanji son tyou meaning of kanji respect honour honor hiragana けいい drawing of kanji 敬意 reading of kanji ke ii meaning of kanji respect esteem reverence honour honor hiragana そんけい drawing of kanji 尊敬 reading of kanji son kei meaning of […]

kanji for simple

meaning of kanji simple plain uncomplicated straightforward hiragana たんじゅん drawing of kanji 単純 reading of kanji tan zyun meaning of kanji simple easy uncomplicated brief quick light hiragana かんたん drawing of kanji 簡単 reading of kanji kantan meaning of kanji easy simple plain hiragana ようい drawing of kanji 容易 reading of kanji youi meaning of […]

kanji for sky

meaning of kanji blue sky hiragana あおぞら drawing of kanji 青空 reading of kanji aozora meaning of kanji sky heaven svarga (heaven-like realm visited as a stage of death and rebirth) deva (divine being of Buddhism) hiragana てん drawing of kanji 天 reading of kanji ten meaning of kanji sky the skies high-altitude sky upper […]

kanji for snow

meaning of kanji snow hiragana ゆき drawing of kanji 雪 reading of kanji yuki meaning of kanji fallen snow snow cover hiragana せきせつ drawing of kanji 積雪 reading of kanji seki setu meaning of kanji heavy snow “major snow” solar term (approx. Dec. 7) hiragana おおゆき drawing of kanji 大雪 reading of kanji oo yuki […]

kanji for no

meaning of kanji no nay well er why you’re welcome not at all don’t mention it hiragana いいえ drawing of kanji 否 reading of kanji iie meaning of kanji never by no means not in the least in no way hiragana けっして drawing of kanji 決して reading of kanji kessite meaning of kanji yes and […]

kanji for fire

meaning of kanji fire flame blaze hiragana ひ drawing of kanji 火 reading of kanji hi stroke order definition Noun fire 比較的小さい炎が燃えている暖炉 (a fireplace in which a relatively small fire is burning) they sat by the fire and talked 彼らは暖炉のそばに座り話した fire 何かが燃えること(たいてい破壊的) (the event of something burning (often destructive)) they lost everything in the fire […]

kanji for game

meaning of kanji game play sports hiragana ゆうぎ drawing of kanji 遊戯 reading of kanji yuu gi meaning of kanji game match contest hiragana きょうぎ drawing of kanji 競技 reading of kanji kyou gi meaning of kanji match game bout contest hiragana しあい drawing of kanji 試合 reading of kanji siai meaning of kanji victory […]

kanji for element

meaning of kanji component factor item (e.g. in list) element (e.g. in array) member (e.g. data structure) hiragana ようそ drawing of kanji 要素 reading of kanji yo uso meaning of kanji numerator molecule member element hiragana ぶんし drawing of kanji 分子 reading of kanji bun si meaning of kanji element (esp. component in electronics) elemental […]

kanji for horse

meaning of kanji horse horse racing promoted bishop hiragana うま drawing of kanji 馬 reading of kanji uma meaning of kanji running (for election) coming forward as a candidate going on horseback going in person letting out a horse taking out a horse hiragana しゅつば drawing of kanji 出馬 reading of kanji si xyu tuba […]

kanji for father

meaning of kanji father hiragana ちち drawing of kanji 父 reading of kanji ti ti meaning of kanji father hiragana ちちおや drawing of kanji 父親 reading of kanji ti ti oya meaning of kanji father dad papa pa pop daddy dada husband hiragana おとうさん drawing of kanji お父さん reading of kanji otousan meaning of kanji […]

kanji for depression

meaning of kanji dullness slump stagnation inactivity depression hiragana ふしん drawing of kanji 不振 reading of kanji husi n meaning of kanji recession depression slump hiragana ふきょう drawing of kanji 不況 reading of kanji huki xyo u meaning of kanji economic slump hard times recession depression poor (business) dull slack inactive gloomy cheerless dismal hiragana […]

kanji for cool

meaning of kanji calm composed cool settled fixed established unobtrusive quiet subdued low-key (color) hiragana おちついた drawing of kanji 落ち着いた reading of kanji otitui ta meaning of kanji cold chilly cool cold (e.g. attitude) frigid indifferent surly curt composed cool calm hiragana ひややか drawing of kanji 冷ややか reading of kanji hiya ya ka meaning of […]

kanji for brother

meaning of kanji younger brother little brother kid brother brother-in-law (spouse’s younger brother or younger sister’s husband) pupil apprentice hiragana おとうと drawing of kanji 弟 reading of kanji otouto meaning of kanji elder brother older brother hiragana あに drawing of kanji 兄 reading of kanji a ni meaning of kanji (biological) younger brother younger brother […]

kanji for blue

meaning of kanji blue azure green green light (traffic) black (horse coat color) immature unripe young hiragana あお drawing of kanji 青 reading of kanji ao meaning of kanji blue azure green pale gray grey unripe inexperienced hiragana あおい drawing of kanji 青い reading of kanji aoi meaning of kanji blue hiragana あおいろ drawing of […]