kanji for father

meaning of kanji father hiragana ちち drawing of kanji 父 reading of kanji ti ti meaning of kanji father hiragana ちちおや drawing of kanji 父親 reading of kanji ti ti oya meaning of kanji father dad papa pa pop daddy dada husband hiragana おとうさん drawing of kanji お父さん reading of kanji otousan meaning of kanjiContinue reading “kanji for father”

kanji for depression

meaning of kanji dullness slump stagnation inactivity depression hiragana ふしん drawing of kanji 不振 reading of kanji husi n meaning of kanji recession depression slump hiragana ふきょう drawing of kanji 不況 reading of kanji huki xyo u meaning of kanji economic slump hard times recession depression poor (business) dull slack inactive gloomy cheerless dismal hiraganaContinue reading “kanji for depression”

kanji for cool

meaning of kanji calm composed cool settled fixed established unobtrusive quiet subdued low-key (color) hiragana おちついた drawing of kanji 落ち着いた reading of kanji otitui ta meaning of kanji cold chilly cool cold (e.g. attitude) frigid indifferent surly curt composed cool calm hiragana ひややか drawing of kanji 冷ややか reading of kanji hiya ya ka meaning ofContinue reading “kanji for cool”