kanji for sun

meaning of kanji sun hiragana たいよう drawing of kanji 太陽 reading of kanji taiyou meaning of kanji day days sun sunshine sunlight case (esp. unfortunate) event hiragana ひ drawing of kanji 日 reading of kanji hi meaning of kanji morning sun hiragana あさひ drawing of kanji 朝日 reading of kanji asahi meaning of kanji Sunday […]

kanji for moon

meaning of kanji moon hiragana げつめん drawing of kanji 月 reading of kanji ge tume n meaning of kanji full moon 15th day of the lunar calendar full moon of the eighth lunar month hiragana もちづき drawing of kanji 望月 reading of kanji moti zuki meaning of kanji moon’s surface hiragana げつめん drawing of kanji […]

kanji for hope

meaning of kanji hope wish aspiration hiragana きぼう drawing of kanji 希望 reading of kanji kibou meaning of kanji expectation anticipation hope hiragana きたい drawing of kanji 期待 reading of kanji ki tai meaning of kanji hope promise possibility chance probability likelihood expectation anticipation forecast estimate side of a structural member hiragana みこみ drawing of […]

kanji for friendship

meaning of kanji friendship fellowship camaraderie hiragana ゆうじょう drawing of kanji 友情 reading of kanji yuuzi xyo u meaning of kanji friendship hiragana ゆうこう drawing of kanji 友好 reading of kanji yuu kou meaning of kanji friendship goodwill friendly relations amity hiragana しんぜん drawing of kanji 親善 reading of kanji sin zen meaning of kanji […]

kanji for friend

meaning of kanji friend companion hiragana ともだち drawing of kanji 友達 reading of kanji tomodati definition Noun friend よく知っていて好意を感じ信頼できる人 (a person you know well and regard with affection and trust) he was my best friend at the university 彼は大学で一番の友人だった mate 同じ性の友人のためのくだけた用語 (informal term for a friend of the same sex) admirer, supporter, champion, booster, friend, […]

kanji for earth

meaning of kanji Earth the globe hiragana ちきゅう drawing of kanji 地球 reading of kanji tiki xyu u definition Noun globe, earth, world 太陽から3番目の惑星 (the 3rd planet from the sun) the Earth moves around the sun 地球は太陽の周りを回っている he sailed around the world 彼は世界中を航海した earth かつて、宇宙を構成する4つの要素の1つであると考えられていた(エムペドクレス) (once thought to be one of four elements composing the […]

kanji for food

meaning of kanji food food products foodstuffs hiragana しょくひん drawing of kanji 食品 reading of kanji syo ku hin definition Noun foodstuff, grocery 食料雑貨品店で売っている品物 (consumer goods sold by a grocer) foodstuff, food product 食品として用いられ得る、または食品として用いるように用意され得る物質 (a substance that can be used or prepared for use as food) meaning of kanji food hiragana しょくりょう drawing of kanji […]

kanji for God

meaning of kanji god deity divinity spirit kami incredible fantastic amazing emperor of Japan thunder hiragana かみ drawing of kanji 神 reading of kanji kami definition Noun god, graven image, idol 崇拝される有形の像 (a material effigy that is worshipped) thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image 汝いかなる偶像も作るなかれ money was his god 金は彼の神である spirit 人間の性格を決定づける感情と行動の基本的原理 […]

kanji for courage

meaning of kanji courage bravery valour valor nerve boldness hiragana ゆうき drawing of kanji 勇気 reading of kanji yuuki definition Noun cheek, nerve, brass, face, boldness 厚かましい積極性 (impudent aggressiveness) I couldn’t believe her boldness 彼女の図太さには信じられなかったよ courage, courageousness, braveness, bravery 恐怖心を見せることなく、苦痛や危険に立ち向かうことのできる精神のある性質 (a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear) […]

kanji for power

meaning of kanji force strength might vigour energy hiragana ちから drawing of kanji 力 reading of kanji chikara definition Noun sprightliness, liveliness, spirit, life 行動、あるいは表現における活気、活力 (animation and energy in action or expression) it was a heavy play and the actors tried in vain to give life to it それは重い役だった、そして俳優は無駄にそれに人生を捧げようとした strength 肉体的、または精神的に強い特性 (the property of being […]

kanji for heaven

meaning of kanji paradise heaven Kingdom of Heaven hiragana てんごく drawing of kanji 天国 reading of kanji ten goku definition Noun heaven 神と天使の住まい (the abode of God and the angels) valhalla, walhalla 最高神オーディンにより戦場で勇敢に戦って死んだ兵士を招かれる大広間 (the hall in which the souls of heros slain in battle were received by Odin) eden, nirvana, shangri-la, promised land, heaven, paradise […]

kanji for shadow

meaning of kanji shadow silhouette figure shape reflection image ominous sign light (stars, moon) trace shadow (of one’s former self) hiragana かげ drawing of kanji 影 reading of kanji kage definition Noun shadow 危険や監視からの避難 (refuge from danger or observation) he felt secure in his father’s shadow 彼は、父親の傘のもとで安全を感じた apparition, phantom, fantasm, shadow, phantasm, phantasma 知覚の中にしか存在しないもの (something […]

kanji for tree

meaning of kanji tree shrub bush wood timber hiragana き drawing of kanji 木 reading of kanji ki definition Noun tree 中心的な幹と枝が明確な持ち上がった樹冠を形成する背が高い多年生の木本 (a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown) tree, tree diagram 1つの根から枝分かれする図形 (a figure that branches from a single root) genealogical tree 系統樹 meaning of […]

kanji for happy

meaning of kanji happiness well-being joy welfare blessedness​ hiragana こうふく drawing of kanji 幸福 reading of kanji kou fuku definition Adjective happy, felicitous 幸運によって特徴づけられている (marked by good fortune) a felicitous life 適切な生活 a happy outcome 幸せな結果 happy 嬉しさや喜びを楽しむこと、見せること、あるいは特徴とするさま (enjoying or showing or marked by joy or pleasure) a happy smile 楽しそうな微笑 spent many happy days […]

kanji for name

meaning of kanji name full name given name first name hiragana なまえ drawing of kanji 名前 reading of kanji namae definition Noun name ある人または物が認識される、言語の最小構成単位 (a language unit by which a person or thing is known) his name really is George Washington 彼の名前は本当にジョージ・ワシントンである those are two names for the same thing それらは同じ物を表す2つの名前である given name, first name, […]

kanji for peace

meaning of kanji peace harmony hiragana へいわ drawing of kanji 平和 reading of kanji hei wa definition Adjective amicable 友情と好意を特徴とする (characterized by friendship and good will) peaceable, peaceful 紛争または騒動または戦争に邪魔されない (not disturbed by strife or turmoil or war) a peaceful nation 平和な国家 peaceful times 平和な時 a far from peaceful Christmas 全く平和でないクリスマス peaceful sleep 穏やかな眠り Noun peace […]

kanji for water

meaning of kanji water (esp. cool, fresh water, e.g. drinking water) fluid (esp. in an animal tissue) liquid flood floodwaters water offered to wrestlers just prior to a bout break granted to wrestlers engaged in a prolonged bout hiragana みず drawing of kanji 水 reading of kanji mi zu definition Noun water supply, water system, […]

kanji for wild

meaning of kanji wild growing wild living in the wild I hiragana やせい drawing of kanji 野生 reading of kanji ya sei definition Noun natural state, state of nature, wild 文明に影響されない野生的で原始的な状態 (a wild primitive state untouched by civilization) he lived in the wild 彼は野生的な環境に暮らしていた they collected mushrooms in the wild 彼らは野生の地できのこを採集した meaning of kanji acting […]

kanji for strength

meaning of kanji strength power hiragana つよさ drawing of kanji 強さ reading of kanji tuyo sa definition Noun strength 肉体的、または精神的に強い特性 (the property of being physically or mentally strong) fatigue sapped his strength 疲労のため彼は体力を消耗した strength, potency, effectiveness 強い生理学的な、または化学的な効果をうむ能力 (capacity to produce strong physiological or chemical effects) the toxin’s potency トキシンの効能 the strength of the drinks その酒の強度 […]

kanji for life

meaning of kanji life existence hiragana せいめい drawing of kanji 生命 reading of kanji sei mei definition Noun life 集合的に生き物 (living things collectively) the oceans are teeming with life 海は生物で満ちている life 生きているものを無機物から区別する有機体現象 (the organic phenomenon that distinguishes living organisms from nonliving ones) there is no life on the moon 月には生き物がいない meaning of kanji living life […]