kanji for drink

meaning of kanji to drink to gulp to swallow to take (medicine) to smoke (tobacco) to engulf to overwhelm to keep down to suppress to accept (e.g. demand, condition) to make light of to conceal hiragana のむ drawing of kanji 飲む reading of kanji nomu meaning of kanji drink at home with the evening meal […]

kanji for go

meaning of kanji to go to move (in a direction or towards a specific location) to head (towards) to be transported (towards) to reach hiragana いく drawing of kanji 行く reading of kanji hakobu

kanji for identify

meaning of kanji specific particular designated special specifying designating identifying pinpointing hiragana とくてい drawing of kanji 特定 reading of kanji toku tei meaning of kanji establishing proving ascertaining identifying confirming hiragana はんめい drawing of kanji 判明 reading of kanji han mei meaning of kanji to determine (esp. a culprit or underlying cause) to pin down […]