kanji for respect

meaning of kanji respect esteem regard hiragana そんちょう drawing of kanji 尊重 reading of kanji son tyou meaning of kanji respect honour honor hiragana けいい drawing of kanji 敬意 reading of kanji ke ii meaning of kanji respect esteem reverence honour honor hiragana そんけい drawing of kanji 尊敬 reading of kanji son kei meaning ofContinue reading “kanji for respect”

kanji for game

meaning of kanji game play sports hiragana ゆうぎ drawing of kanji 遊戯 reading of kanji yuu gi meaning of kanji game match contest hiragana きょうぎ drawing of kanji 競技 reading of kanji kyou gi meaning of kanji match game bout contest hiragana しあい drawing of kanji 試合 reading of kanji siai meaning of kanji victoryContinue reading “kanji for game”

kanji for father

meaning of kanji father hiragana ちち drawing of kanji 父 reading of kanji ti ti meaning of kanji father hiragana ちちおや drawing of kanji 父親 reading of kanji ti ti oya meaning of kanji father dad papa pa pop daddy dada husband hiragana おとうさん drawing of kanji お父さん reading of kanji otousan meaning of kanjiContinue reading “kanji for father”

kanji for brother, brother in japanese

meaning of kanji younger brother little brother kid brother brother-in-law (spouse’s younger brother or younger sister’s husband) pupil apprentice hiragana おとうと drawing of kanji 弟 reading of kanji otouto meaning of kanji elder brother older brother hiragana あに drawing of kanji 兄 reading of kanji a ni meaning of kanji (biological) younger brother younger brotherContinue reading “kanji for brother, brother in japanese”

kanji for death

meaning of kanji death decease death penalty (by strangulation or decapitation) (an) out hiragana し drawing of kanji 死 reading of kanji si stroke order definition Noun release, exit, passing, expiration, loss, going, departure 死の婉曲表現 (euphemistic expressions for death) thousands mourned his passing 何千人もが彼の死を悼んだ decease, death, expiry 死ぬことやこの世から旅立つこと (the event of dying or departure fromContinue reading “kanji for death”

kanji for house

meaning of kanji house building hiragana かおく drawing of kanji 家屋 reading of kanji ka oku meaning of kanji house dwelling human habitation hiragana じんか drawing of kanji 人家 reading of kanji zi n ka meaning of kanji house home one’s husband hiragana たく drawing of kanji 宅 reading of kanji taku meaning of kanjiContinue reading “kanji for house”

kanji for spiritual

meaning of kanji mental spiritual emotional hiragana せいしんてき drawing of kanji 精神的 reading of kanji sei sin teki meaning of kanji comprehension understanding enlightenment spiritual awakening satori hiragana さとり drawing of kanji 悟り reading of kanji satori meaning of kanji the spiritual world hiragana れいかい drawing of kanji 霊界 reading of kanji rei kai meaningContinue reading “kanji for spiritual”

kanji for wisdom

meaning of kanji wisdom wit sagacity sense intelligence prajna (insight leading to enlightenment) hiragana ちえ drawing of kanji 知恵 reading of kanji tie meaning of kanji wisdom intelligence intellect hiragana えいち drawing of kanji 英知 reading of kanji e iti meaning of kanji wisdom hiragana さいき drawing of kanji 才気 reading of kanji saiki meaningContinue reading “kanji for wisdom”

kanji for man

meaning of kanji man male fellow guy chap bloke male lover boyfriend man manliness manly honor manly honour manly reputation hiragana おとこ drawing of kanji 男 reading of kanji otoko meaning of kanji human being person man mankind humankind character (of a person) hiragana にんげん drawing of kanji 人間 reading of kanji ningen meaning ofContinue reading “kanji for man”

kanji for heart

meaning of kanji heart guts nerve cheek gall spine central part hiragana しんぞう drawing of kanji 心臓 reading of kanji sin zou meaning of kanji chest breast breasts bosom bust heart lungs stomach heart mind feelings hiragana むね drawing of kanji 胸 reading of kanji mune meaning of kanji thought imagination mind heart desire wishContinue reading “kanji for heart”

kanji for friendship

meaning of kanji friendship fellowship camaraderie hiragana ゆうじょう drawing of kanji 友情 reading of kanji yuuzi xyo u meaning of kanji friendship hiragana ゆうこう drawing of kanji 友好 reading of kanji yuu kou meaning of kanji friendship goodwill friendly relations amity hiragana しんぜん drawing of kanji 親善 reading of kanji sin zen meaning of kanjiContinue reading “kanji for friendship”

kanji for friend

meaning of kanji friend companion hiragana ともだち drawing of kanji 友達 reading of kanji tomodati definition Noun friend よく知っていて好意を感じ信頼できる人 (a person you know well and regard with affection and trust) he was my best friend at the university 彼は大学で一番の友人だった mate 同じ性の友人のためのくだけた用語 (informal term for a friend of the same sex) admirer, supporter, champion, booster, friend,Continue reading “kanji for friend”

kanji for God

meaning of kanji god deity divinity spirit kami incredible fantastic amazing emperor of Japan thunder hiragana かみ drawing of kanji 神 reading of kanji kami definition Noun god, graven image, idol 崇拝される有形の像 (a material effigy that is worshipped) thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image 汝いかなる偶像も作るなかれ money was his god 金は彼の神である spirit 人間の性格を決定づける感情と行動の基本的原理Continue reading “kanji for God”

kanji for family

meaning of kanji family members of a family hiragana かぞく drawing of kanji 家族 reading of kanji kazoku definition Noun family, family unit 主要な社会グループ (primary social group) he wanted to have a good job before starting a family 彼は家庭を持つ前によい仕事に就きたかった people 家系の一員 (members of a family line) his people have been farmers for generations 彼の家は何世代にもわたって農家だった areContinue reading “kanji for family”