kanji for star, star in japanese

meaning of kanji star (usu. not including the Sun) planet (usu. not including Earth) heavenly body star (glyph, symbol, shape) star (actor, player, etc.) small dot spot fleck star point (in go) hoshi intersection marked with a dot perp perpetrator mark offender suspect bullseye one’s star (that determines one’s fate) one’s fortune point score hiraganaContinue reading “kanji for star, star in japanese”

kanji for book

meaning of kanji book publication hiragana ほん drawing of kanji 本 reading of kanji syo seki meaning of kanji (written) work book writings hiragana ちょしょ drawing of kanji 著書 reading of kanji ti xyo syo meaning of kanji work book (a book) by obvious striking hiragana ちょ drawing of kanji 著 reading of kanji tiContinue reading “kanji for book”

kanji for ice

meaning of kanji ice shaved ice (usually served with flavored simple syrup) hiragana こおり drawing of kanji 氷 reading of kanji koori meaning of kanji ice water shaved ice (usually served with flavored simple syrup) hiragana こおりみず drawing of kanji 氷水 reading of kanji koori mi zu meaning of kanji drift ice ice floe hiraganaContinue reading “kanji for ice”

kanji for gold

meaning of kanji gold (Au) golden prosperous excellent superb money (esp. ōban coin) cash hiragana おうごん drawing of kanji 黄金 reading of kanji ougo n meaning of kanji pure gold solid gold fine gold hiragana じゅんきん drawing of kanji 純金 reading of kanji zyun kin meaning of kanji gold nugget gold bullion gold bar goldContinue reading “kanji for gold”

kanji for rice

meaning of kanji (white) rice hiragana はくまい drawing of kanji 白米 reading of kanji ha kumai meaning of kanji cooked rice meal food one’s livelihood hiragana めし drawing of kanji 飯 reading of kanji mesi meaning of kanji food (esp. staple food such as rice or wheat) provisions rations food supply hiragana しょくりょう drawing ofContinue reading “kanji for rice”

kanji for sun

meaning of kanji sun hiragana たいよう drawing of kanji 太陽 reading of kanji taiyou meaning of kanji day days sun sunshine sunlight case (esp. unfortunate) event hiragana ひ drawing of kanji 日 reading of kanji hi meaning of kanji morning sun hiragana あさひ drawing of kanji 朝日 reading of kanji asahi meaning of kanji SundayContinue reading “kanji for sun”

kanji for earth

meaning of kanji Earth the globe hiragana ちきゅう drawing of kanji 地球 reading of kanji tiki xyu u definition Noun globe, earth, world 太陽から3番目の惑星 (the 3rd planet from the sun) the Earth moves around the sun 地球は太陽の周りを回っている he sailed around the world 彼は世界中を航海した earth かつて、宇宙を構成する4つの要素の1つであると考えられていた(エムペドクレス) (once thought to be one of four elements composing theContinue reading “kanji for earth”

kanji for food

meaning of kanji food food products foodstuffs hiragana しょくひん drawing of kanji 食品 reading of kanji syo ku hin definition Noun foodstuff, grocery 食料雑貨品店で売っている品物 (consumer goods sold by a grocer) foodstuff, food product 食品として用いられ得る、または食品として用いるように用意され得る物質 (a substance that can be used or prepared for use as food) meaning of kanji food hiragana しょくりょう drawing of kanjiContinue reading “kanji for food”

kanji for tree

meaning of kanji tree shrub bush wood timber hiragana き drawing of kanji 木 reading of kanji ki definition Noun tree 中心的な幹と枝が明確な持ち上がった樹冠を形成する背が高い多年生の木本 (a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown) tree, tree diagram 1つの根から枝分かれする図形 (a figure that branches from a single root) genealogical tree 系統樹 meaning ofContinue reading “kanji for tree”