kanji for sky

meaning of kanji blue sky hiragana あおぞら drawing of kanji 青空 reading of kanji aozora meaning of kanji sky heaven svarga (heaven-like realm visited as a stage of death and rebirth) deva (divine being of Buddhism) hiragana てん drawing of kanji 天 reading of kanji ten meaning of kanji sky the skies high-altitude sky upperContinue reading “kanji for sky”

kanji for fire

meaning of kanji fire flame blaze hiragana ひ drawing of kanji 火 reading of kanji hi stroke order definition Noun fire 比較的小さい炎が燃えている暖炉 (a fireplace in which a relatively small fire is burning) they sat by the fire and talked 彼らは暖炉のそばに座り話した fire 何かが燃えること(たいてい破壊的) (the event of something burning (often destructive)) they lost everything in the fireContinue reading “kanji for fire”

kanji for air

meaning of kanji air atmosphere mood situation someone with no presence someone who doesn’t stand out at all hiragana くうき drawing of kanji 空気 reading of kanji kuu ki meaning of kanji sky air mid-air hiragana くうちゅう drawing of kanji 空中 reading of kanji kuu tyuu meaning of kanji space air midair (from) memory (by)Continue reading “kanji for air”

kanji for heaven

meaning of kanji paradise heaven Kingdom of Heaven hiragana てんごく drawing of kanji 天国 reading of kanji ten goku definition Noun heaven 神と天使の住まい (the abode of God and the angels) valhalla, walhalla 最高神オーディンにより戦場で勇敢に戦って死んだ兵士を招かれる大広間 (the hall in which the souls of heros slain in battle were received by Odin) eden, nirvana, shangri-la, promised land, heaven, paradiseContinue reading “kanji for heaven”

kanji for shadow

meaning of kanji shadow silhouette figure shape reflection image ominous sign light (stars, moon) trace shadow (of one’s former self) hiragana かげ drawing of kanji 影 reading of kanji kage definition Noun shadow 危険や監視からの避難 (refuge from danger or observation) he felt secure in his father’s shadow 彼は、父親の傘のもとで安全を感じた apparition, phantom, fantasm, shadow, phantasm, phantasma 知覚の中にしか存在しないもの (somethingContinue reading “kanji for shadow”