kanji for beautiful

meaning of kanji beautiful pretty lovely sweet pure (heart, friendship, etc.) hiragana うつくしい drawing of kanji 美しい reading of kanji utukusii meaning of kanji splendid magnificent excellent fine superb beautiful admirable utter (esp. defeat) total complete something worth seeing sight spectacle hiragana みごと drawing of kanji 見事 reading of kanji migoto meaning of kanji vividContinue reading “kanji for beautiful”

kanji for dark

meaning of kanji black dark blackish sun-tanned (skin) suspicious criminal illicit darkened and dirty sooty covered in dirt evil wicked black-hearted inauspicious ill-boding unlucky hiragana やみ drawing of kanji 闇 reading of kanji yami meaning of kanji dark blackish hiragana くろっぽい drawing of kanji 黒っぽい reading of kanji kuro ppoi meaning of kanji deep (colour)Continue reading “kanji for dark”

kanji for luck, luck in japanese

meaning of kanji fortune luck hiragana うん drawing of kanji 運 reading of kanji un meaning of kanji happiness good fortune luck blessing hiragana しあわせ drawing of kanji 幸せ reading of kanji siawase meaning of kanji furnished with including attached to impression appearance luck sociality under assistant (e.g. to a manager) soup base hiragana つきContinue reading “kanji for luck, luck in japanese”

kanji for pain, pain in japanese

meaning of kanji pain ache soreness grief distress damage injury wear bruise break hiragana いたみ drawing of kanji 痛み reading of kanji itami meaning of kanji pain anguish distress suffering hardship hiragana くるしみ drawing of kanji 苦しみ reading of kanji kuru simi meaning of kanji pain agony bitterness hiragana くつう drawing of kanji 苦痛 readingContinue reading “kanji for pain, pain in japanese”

kanji for power

meaning of kanji force strength might vigour energy hiragana ちから drawing of kanji 力 reading of kanji chikara definition Noun sprightliness, liveliness, spirit, life 行動、あるいは表現における活気、活力 (animation and energy in action or expression) it was a heavy play and the actors tried in vain to give life to it それは重い役だった、そして俳優は無駄にそれに人生を捧げようとした strength 肉体的、または精神的に強い特性 (the property of beingContinue reading “kanji for power”

kanji for peace, peace in japanese

meaning of kanji peace harmony hiragana へいわ drawing of kanji 平和 reading of kanji hei wa definition Adjective amicable 友情と好意を特徴とする (characterized by friendship and good will) peaceable, peaceful 紛争または騒動または戦争に邪魔されない (not disturbed by strife or turmoil or war) a peaceful nation 平和な国家 peaceful times 平和な時 a far from peaceful Christmas 全く平和でないクリスマス peaceful sleep 穏やかな眠り Noun peaceContinue reading “kanji for peace, peace in japanese”

kanji for wild

meaning of kanji wild growing wild living in the wild I hiragana やせい drawing of kanji 野生 reading of kanji ya sei definition Noun natural state, state of nature, wild 文明に影響されない野生的で原始的な状態 (a wild primitive state untouched by civilization) he lived in the wild 彼は野生的な環境に暮らしていた they collected mushrooms in the wild 彼らは野生の地できのこを採集した meaning of kanji actingContinue reading “kanji for wild”

kanji for strength

meaning of kanji strength power hiragana つよさ drawing of kanji 強さ reading of kanji tuyo sa definition Noun strength 肉体的、または精神的に強い特性 (the property of being physically or mentally strong) fatigue sapped his strength 疲労のため彼は体力を消耗した strength, potency, effectiveness 強い生理学的な、または化学的な効果をうむ能力 (capacity to produce strong physiological or chemical effects) the toxin’s potency トキシンの効能 the strength of the drinks その酒の強度Continue reading “kanji for strength”

kanji for radical

meaning of kanji rapid progress radical hiragana きゅうしん drawing of kanji 急進的 reading of kanji kyuu sin definition Adjective extreme 見た目や行動が、標準を超えて (beyond a norm in views or actions) an extreme conservative 極端な保守主義者 an extreme liberal 極端な自由主義者 extreme views on integration 統合への極端な意見 extreme opinions 極端な意見 radical, extremist, ultra [意見と行動で使用される]規範を超えた ((used of opinions and actions) far beyondContinue reading “kanji for radical”

kanji for lean

meaning of kanji lean firm toned (body, muscles) compact compressed​ hiragana ひきしまった drawing of kanji 引き締まった reading of kanji hiki shimatta meaning of kanji red flesh (of a fish) red-fleshed fish (e.g. tuna) lean meat heartwood hiragana あかみ drawing of kanji 赤身 reading of kanji aka mi meaning of kanji to lean (to one side)Continue reading “kanji for lean”